Can A Passenger Be Charged If Drugs Are Found In A Vehicle?


This nightmare scenario happens all the time. You and some friends are getting a ride from another friend. That friend commits a traffic violation and gets pulled over. The officer claims he smells drugs or that he saw “furtive movements” (officer speak for people trying to hide something) as he was walking up to the car. He orders everyone outside the car and starts searching it. A baggie of drugs is found inside the car. No one claims it.

Someone’s going to get charged. Who gets charged depends on where the drugs were found. If they’re inside the center console, everyone might be charged with possession because the drugs were in reach of everyone. If they’re in the glove compartment, maybe just the front seat passenger. If they’re in the driver’s side door pocket, probably just the driver. Most of the time, the drugs really belong to the driver or whoever owns the car, but unless someone confesses, the police are going to arrest whoever is closest, and that person is often a passenger.

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