How Do You Help Clients Deal With The Stigma Associated With Sex Crimes?

Anybody who has been charged with a sex offense has had their entire world turned upside down. People start thinking the absolute worst about them and automatically assume that they’re guilty.

There’s nothing I can do, while a sex case is pending, to completely erase the stigma, pain, and embarrassment associated with dealing with that kind of charge. But I always remind my clients that any charge is just an allegation. You’re innocent until the State convinces twelve jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty. And if your case is dismissed or you’re found not guilty at trial, the charge can be erased from your record entirely so that no one will know that you were ever charged with this. I tell them that other clients have successfully gotten past this, and they can too.

I try to comfort my clients by reminding them that sex charges are difficult to prove. Most sexual assault charges involve no physical evidence at all; they’re a swearing contest between the client and the accuser. Many accusations are made days or weeks or months after the alleged assault. People lie and jurors understand that some people lie even about sexual assault.

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