Is It Possible To Have Theft, Robbery Or Burglary Charges Reduced?


Depending on how bad the facts of the case are, sometimes a reduction of the charges is the best outcome. It’s possible to reduce a higher theft to a lower theft, a robbery with minor injury to a theft, or a burglary to an attempted burglary or a trespassing. But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, whether a reduction of charges is possible is always going to depend on the facts of your particular case.

Are Any Alternative or Diversion Programs Available to First Time Theft Offenders?

For minor theft cases, it’s possible to get something called a pretrial diversion. If you’re offered pretrial diversion, you’re supervised by probation and will be required to do the same sorts of things people do on probation, such as community service, drug testing, and monthly reporting. If you do everything you’re supposed to, then the case will be dismissed and you can eventually apply to have it expunged.

It can be possible to get even more favorable offers in theft cases. Sometimes the state will dismiss a theft case if you pay the victim back. Sometimes the state will dismiss a theft case if you take a short class or do some community service. Getting these sorts of lenient offers is not easy, but it certainly can be done in the right kinds of cases.

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