Why Should I Choose An Experienced Attorney To Represent Me In A Murder Case?

You should want an experienced attorney to represent you no matter the type of case. But murder is the most serious charge there is. With the stakes so high, why would you want an inexperienced lawyer? Only a person who truly values saving money over their life should ever consider hiring an inexperienced lawyer in a murder case.

Many attorneys won’t even take murder cases. One reason is that they require a tremendous amount of work. When you get hired on a murder case, you’re going to live with that murder case for as long as two or three years, and sometimes even longer. You’re going to put hundreds of hours of work into it. You’re going to have to work just as hard not only at preparing the defense but also at preparing for the worst-case scenario: a guilty verdict. If your client is found guilty, you have to work to get the lowest possible sentence for your client. You’re almost certainly going to have to hire a private investigator to track down witnesses and favorable evidence for your client.

Depending on the facts of the case, you may need to hire DNA or ballistics experts. It takes a tremendous amount of baseline knowledge just to know what to look for in the first place in a murder case, let alone know how to argue a murder case convincingly to a jury. It’s absolutely not the kind of case that you want to hand to someone who is going to be doing it for their first or second time.

Not only do you want an experienced lawyer, you want someone who doesn’t have a heavy caseload. If you hire a lawyer who handles hundreds of cases a year (or, God forbid, at any given time), then it is unlikely that lawyer will be able to invest the necessary amount of time and effort on handling your murder case.

The saying “you get what you pay for” is true, and murder cases are no exception. Anyone who tells you that they’re going to be able to handle your murder case for anything less than the cost of a new car is almost certainly someone you want to avoid hiring.

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