Will I Look Guilty If I Hire An Attorney Prior To Arrest?


If you believe that you’re under investigation for a crime, any reasonable person will understand why you’ve decided to hire a lawyer, particularly if you are innocent. It’s always beneficial to hire a lawyer while an investigation is going on so that you don’t do anything that may accidentally harm you if charges are filed. Sometimes it may even be possible for your lawyer to prevent charges from ever being filed.

An investigation into a sexual offense is one of the rare kinds of cases in which I might advise a client to meet with the police to turn over evidence and give a statement. This is particularly true if I’ve been able to gather affirmative evidence that a sexual assault did not occur. Of course, it all depends on the circumstances of the particular case.

There are two main benefits to hiring a lawyer during the investigative stage. First, your lawyer can start gathering evidence to prove your innocence and try to stop charges from being filed. Second, if you are charged, you’ll have a lawyer who knows your case working with you to get it dismissed from your very first day in court.

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