What Is The General Timeline Of A Drug Case In Texas?

The timeline of a drug case depends on the type of drug case, the county where you’ve been charged, and how crowded your particular court’s docket is. Most of my practice is in Harris County, so my answers are based on general timelines there.

For a simple possession case involving drugs found on a person or during a traffic stop, a couple of months. It doesn’t take me that long to get the police report and any video of the stop, so most of that time is spent waiting on the lab to test the drugs. Any investigation that I’d need to do in that type of case typically doesn’t take very long. Of course, if the case needs to be set for trial, that timeline becomes much longer and can stretch to well over a year.

Add several months for cases involving search warrants or undercover police stings. These are more complicated and take more time to investigate. This is particularly true if there were a lot of people living inside a house where drugs were found.

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