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Professional and effective. Thank you for your help with our case. Stephen Aslett was referred by a friend. He took plenty of time to explain the process we could expect. He kept us informed throughout and made himself available when we had questions. We’re very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, Stephen, for a job well done.

A Satisfied Client

Great Service! Mr. Aslett is a phenomenal lawyer. During the consultation process, Mr. Aslett was very informative and honest regarding what I was to expect and how he would handle my case. Once hired, Mr. Aslett went straight to work! If there was an update regarding the case, I was the first to know. He showed true concern and took initiative to not prolong the process, but to move in an efficient manner. I am well pleased with Mr. Aslett’s performance. I would totally recommend Mr. Aslett to anyone seeking a great lawyer.


Great Commitment Stephen helped me with a fraudulent charge for domestic violence. He was extremely helpful and diligent throughout the process. It began with a lengthy meeting to gather the pertinent information—which took place over three hours on a Sunday afternoon. From there, Stephen worked hard to get information from the state. Stephen’s background in the Harris County D.A.’s Office means that he understands both sides of the case—defense and prosecution—very well. He contacted the prosecution multiple times throughout my ordeal. The Harris County D.A.’s Office does not work very efficiently; therefore it required dogged persistence to get any meaningful… Read More →


Excellent Job I was convicted of assault on a family member for allegedly assaulting my roommate. I had never been convicted of a crime before and had many doors closed to me because of my criminal record. I also had to deal with the psychological burden of being defined by that case as a criminal. After my conviction, I consulted eight attorneys and all of them told me not to waste my time or money as I could do nothing about my conviction. I was fortunate enough to call Mr. Aslett. In the first hour of talking to him, I… Read More →


Compassionate “I hired Stephen Aslett to represent me on a theft case. He was extremely thorough with all aspects of my case. He fought for me with persistence and passion every step of the way. I couldn’t have had a better outcome than dismissal and that is exactly what he provided in my case. Stephen was also willing to work with my finances which helped me tremendously. He even took time to meet me on New Year’s day due to my availability in such a short notice. Stephen is a compassionate and understanding advocate of the law, while keeping his… Read More →


Great Lawyer “Stephen Aslett is a great lawyer. He gets back to you quickly and got my case dismissed. I would definitely use him again.”


Very Personable “I contacted Mr. Aslett with questions about a case in which I was given deferred adjudication. Mr. Aslett quickly gave me all the information I needed and also helped me with a non-related case. I am extremely pleased with my decision to hire him as my lawyer and would recommend his services to others.”


Exemplary “My son and I were fortunate enough to find Mr. Aslett when it became apparent to us from other attorneys that my son’s criminal record could never be expunged. Mr. Aslett carefully listened to our story; his interest and compassion were evident in our very first meeting. My son and I placed our complete trust in him and that trust proved to be well-placed. Mr. Aslett has a passion for law. He painstakingly explained all our options as well as the possible outcomes in great detail. He gently guided us toward making the best decision for my son. Mr.… Read More →


Case Dismissed “Thanks to Mr. Stephen Aslett’s professionalism and diligent work, my complicated case was dismissed. Not only does he know his job very well, his knowledge and dedication are obvious once you meet him. I am very grateful and fortunate to have had him as my attorney.”


Great Service “My charge was driving with an invalid license. I found Stephen Aslett through my older sister. From the beginning, he assured me that he would do everything he could to provide me with the best representation he could. With his knowledge and guidance, we were able to successfully have the charges dismissed. I was also able to have my driver’s license reinstated. Thank you Stephen Aslett for your great service.”