“My son and I were fortunate enough to find Mr. Aslett when it became apparent to us from other attorneys that my son’s criminal record could never be expunged. Mr. Aslett carefully listened to our story; his interest and compassion were evident in our very first meeting. My son and I placed our complete trust in him and that trust proved to be well-placed. Mr. Aslett has a passion for law. He painstakingly explained all our options as well as the possible outcomes in great detail. He gently guided us toward making the best decision for my son. Mr. Aslett filed a writ of habeas corpus on my son’s behalf. Due to his expertise, diligence, and persistence, but son’s case was not only dismissed but granted early expunction. I truly believe that it is due to Mr. Aslett’s efforts that my son has been given a chance for a new beginning.”

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