What Are My Rights After I Have Been Arrested In Texas?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. You’re not entitled to one free phone call. That’s a movie myth. Many police officers will let you make a call on your cell phone before you’re transported to jail to let a relative or friend know that you’ve been arrested. They don’t have to, but a lot of police officers will. If they don’t and you’re not able to bond out, the public defender or your court-appointed lawyer will be able to get in touch with your family.

That said, you do have a few legal rights after you’ve been arrested.

if the police want to talk to you after you have been arrested, they have to read you your Miranda warnings. These are the rights that tell you that you have the right to remain silent, the right to have a lawyer present to advise you before and during any questioning, and the right to end police questioning at any time.

However, it’s rare that police officers will try to question you after you’ve been arrested. That’s because the police will generally arrest you when they feel that they have enough information to charge you. If they felt it was necessary to talk to you first, they would have done that before arresting you and booking you in jail. One exception, however, is if you’ve been arrested for one crime and the police want to talk to you about a different crime. Then they’ll need to read you your Miranda warnings. Also, if you’re already represented by a lawyer on that first case, they won’t be able to talk to you without getting your lawyer’s permission first, and any decent lawyer won’t give them permission.

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