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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Let’s get straight to the point.

You’re here because you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime.

You’re here because you’re looking to hire a criminal defense attorney.

You know it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. You or your loved one’s reputation, job, and freedom are on the line.

But who do you choose? There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys out there, and their websites all sound the same. They’re “aggressive,” “tough,” “relentless,” and a bunch of other lawyer buzzwords that don’t really tell you anything meaningful about the person you’re about to hire.

So why hire me over any of the hundreds of other defense attorneys out there?

I’m a former Harris County felony prosecutor.

For almost seven years, I was a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As a prosecutor, I handled thousands of criminal cases and tried dozens of cases to juries—all the way from misdemeanors such as DWI and assault on a family member—to serious felonies such as aggravated assault, intoxication manslaughter, and murder.

Chances are that I’ve not only handled your type of case before, but I’ve handled hundreds of cases just like yours.

As a prosecutor, I learned what defense strategies work—and don’t work—in convincing the State to dismiss a case or persuading a jury to return a verdict of not guilty. And I learned what sentences different judges were likely to give in different types of cases.

I’ve brought all of this knowledge with me to my criminal defense practice so that you can get the best advice and best result possible in your case.

I’ve devoted my entire practice to criminal defense.

Unlike some “criminal defense” attorneys, I don’t dabble in personal injury, divorce, or any other type of law. I practice 100% criminal defense. Given the stakes in any criminal case, I’d be doing a disservice to my clients to be distracted by anything else. Why entrust your freedom and reputation to someone not completely focused on criminal law?

I specialize in family criminal law cases.

Though I can and do handle many different types of criminal cases, I specialize in family criminal law cases, including:

  • assault on a family member
  • aggravated assault on a family member
  • terroristic threat
  • harassment
  • violation of a protective order
  • continuous family violence
  • stalking
  • injury to a child
  • and other types of cases that can arise in family and dating relationships.

While at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, I worked for years as a prosecutor in the Family Criminal Law Division where I exclusively handled these types of family criminal law cases. As Chief of the Misdemeanor Section, I even trained lower-level prosecutors on how to try family criminal law cases. More than any other type of case, I know how the District Attorney’s Office prepares family criminal law cases from charging all the way through trial and how best to defend against them.

I keep a low volume practice.

I intentionally keep my number of cases low so I can get to know all my clients personally and give each case the time and attention it deserves.

When you hire me, I work on your case.

Unlike some criminal defense firms, I don’t push off my work onto associates. When you hire me, you get me and my experience—not someone fresh out of law school. It’s only fair that if you’re paying me, then I’m going to be the one who works on your case from start to finish.

I get good results for my clients.

Just look at the reviews from some of my past clients. You’ll see that they’re happy with the work I did for them. You will be too.

I know that your criminal case is the most important thing going on in your life right now.

So don’t wait. I can help get your life back on track.

Call or email me for a free consultation.

I’m here to listen and here to help.

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