Client Testimonials

Worth Every Penny

After extensively searching for a good lawyer, I hired Mr. Aslett to represent me in an aggravated assault on a family member case. He was worth every penny. He went to court. He made sure we had a solid case. He presented a grand jury packet and my case was dismissed. If you’re looking for one of the best lawyers in Houston, he’s definitely it.

A Satisfied Client

Down-to-earth, hard-working attorney

Stephen explained everything to me regarding my case in a way I could understand. He was to the point about what I was facing and what I could expect. After several months, he was able to get my case dismissed by the grand jury.

Explained in a Way I Could Undeerstand

A Lawyer Worth Hiring

Stephen is a no nonsense lawyer. He is very professional and makes you feel like an equal. He never speaks over you and explains things in a common sense way. He is a very good lawyer with excellent communication skills.

A Satisfied Client

Brilliant and experienced attorney

I hired Mr. Aslett in April 2021 after I was falsely accused and arrested for assault on a family member by impeding breathing, a third degree felony.

I knew immediately after the consultation that Mr. Aslett was the best attorney to represent me.

Mr. Aslett thoroughly researched all of the evidence and took the time to interview key witnesses and family members to prove that my soon to be ex-wife was a pathological liar. He was a calming and confident presence during this scary and difficult time.

It took three months from consultation to a no bill (dismissal) decision by the grand jury.

Mr. Aslett is a brilliant, caring, and experienced criminal defense attorney. He’s top notch!

A highly satisfied client, B.M.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Aslett is one of the best. He communicates constantly with you. He has a great knowledge of both sides of the courtroom. When he says he is going to do something, you can rest assured it will be done promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend him if you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney.


Did Everything He Promised

My case was not a complicated one. It lasted six months from when it started to when it was finally expunged. From the day I decided to hire him to the last day of my case, Mr. Aslett showed his professionalism. He did everything he promised to do and updated me during the whole process. He is a great lawyer that his clients can trust.

A Satisfied Client

Top-Notch Defense Attorney

I recently hired Stephen to defend me in a felony weapons case. He got the case dismissed at the first stage—which was a tremendous relief to me! Stephen was well-prepared, demonstrated knowledge of the law, the process, and he did all the work for me. It was clear to me that Stephen is very familiar with the courts in Houston and knows the judges, DAs, and how things work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney for a criminal case.


A Satisfied Client

Excellent Result

I reached out to several lawyers for my case. Stephen was the only one who contacted me in my dire need. He made a commitment to help me and speak the truth on my behalf when I was falsely accused. He did just that and never wavered. He has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to his clients. I speak from first hand experience. I’m grateful for Stephen’s counsel and impeccable skills. Thank you, Stephen.


Amazing Lawyer

I was a client of Mr. Aslett. He did an amazing job at keeping me informed of my case status. I appreciated him always calling me back and answering all my questions. He was always on time for meetings. He was patient and kind. Thank you for getting my life back after 8 years of being in bondage with this case. Thank you for helping me when no other lawyer would.

A Satisfied Client

Great Attorney

Stephen was a great choice as our attorney. He took the time to explain every aspect of the case including all implications of
different outcomes. I really felt that he was with you every step of the way. He was very accessible via email or phone. I got the outcome that I had hoped for. Would highly recommend him.


Excellent Attorney

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am that you were the one who handled my case. Although I knew it was a long shot, you worked hard and were able to get my case dismissed. You were very efficient and thorough throughout the whole process. You were very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Stephen Aslett. He is an attorney you can believe in and trust. Your knowledge and expertise is very much appreciated. Thank you.

A Satisfied Client

Professional and effective. Thank you for your help with our case.

Stephen Aslett was referred by a friend. He took plenty of time to explain the process we could expect. He kept us informed throughout and made himself available when we had questions. We’re very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, Stephen, for a job well done.


Great Service!

Mr. Aslett is a phenomenal lawyer. During the consultation process, Mr. Aslett was very informative and honest regarding what I was to expect and how he would handle my case. Once hired, Mr. Aslett went straight to work! If there was an update regarding the case, I was the first to know. He showed true concern and took initiative to not prolong the process, but to move in an efficient manner. I am well pleased with Mr. Aslett’s performance. I would totally recommend Mr. Aslett to anyone seeking a great lawyer.

A Satisfied Client

Stephen is a tremendous attorney and is a valuable asset to anyone who chooses to hire him as their attorney. He is hardworking, intelligent, and is able to obtain great results for his clients despite the odds. I endorse Stephen.”

Chris McKinney, Criminal Defense Attorney

Great Commitment

Stephen helped me with a fraudulent charge for domestic violence. He was extremely helpful and diligent throughout the process. It began with a lengthy meeting to gather the pertinent information—which took place over three hours on a Sunday afternoon. From there, Stephen worked hard to get information from the state. Stephen’s background in the Harris County D.A.’s Office means that he understands both sides of the case—defense and prosecution—very well. He contacted the prosecution multiple times throughout my ordeal. The Harris County D.A.’s Office does not work very efficiently; therefore it required dogged persistence to get any meaningful response. Unfortunately, the prosecutor on my case changed five times, which added quite a bit of delay.

Ultimately, Stephen was able to discuss the case with the lead prosecutor and successfully convinced him to dismiss the charges. Stephen is very detail oriented, shows great commitment, and does very well to maintain a good level of communication (including making himself available for phone calls). I highly recommend him as a defense attorney.


Excellent Job

I was convicted of assault on a family member for allegedly assaulting my roommate. I had never been convicted of a crime before and had many doors closed to me because of my criminal record. I also had to deal with the psychological burden of being defined by that case as a criminal. After my conviction, I consulted eight attorneys and all of them told me not to waste my time or money as I could do nothing about my conviction.

I was fortunate enough to call Mr. Aslett. In the first hour of talking to him, I realized he was exceptional. He listened to me, took notes, discussed my options, and followed up with me. He took my case for a reasonable price, which ended up being little compared to what I eventually received in return. He filed a writ of habeas corpus and was able to get my conviction overturned and dismissed. Doors have opened to me again. I was able to start pharmacy school and will be able to get a job after graduation because of what Mr. Aslett has done for me. Thank you, Mr. Aslett, for a wonderful job and giving me back my life.



“I hired Stephen Aslett to represent me on a theft case. He was extremely thorough with all aspects of my case. He fought for me with persistence and passion every step of the way. I couldn’t have had a better outcome than dismissal and that is exactly what he provided in my case. Stephen was also willing to work with my finances which helped me tremendously. He even took time to meet me on New Year’s day due to my availability in such a short notice. Stephen is a compassionate and understanding advocate of the law, while keeping his client first in mind. I would highly recommend him to any and all my friends and family. Thank you, so much for all your time and diligence in representing me and my case…”


Great Lawyer

“Stephen Aslett is a great lawyer. He gets back to you quickly and got my case dismissed. I would definitely use him again.”


Very Personable

“I contacted Mr. Aslett with questions about a case in which I was given deferred adjudication. Mr. Aslett quickly gave me all the information I needed and also helped me with a non-related case. I am extremely pleased with my decision to hire him as my lawyer and would recommend his services to others.”



“My son and I were fortunate enough to find Mr. Aslett when it became apparent to us from other attorneys that my son’s criminal record could never be expunged. Mr. Aslett carefully listened to our story; his interest and compassion were evident in our very first meeting. My son and I placed our complete trust in him and that trust proved to be well-placed. Mr. Aslett has a passion for law. He painstakingly explained all our options as well as the possible outcomes in great detail. He gently guided us toward making the best decision for my son. Mr. Aslett filed a writ of habeas corpus on my son’s behalf. Due to his expertise, diligence, and persistence, but son’s case was not only dismissed but granted early expunction. I truly believe that it is due to Mr. Aslett’s efforts that my son has been given a chance for a new beginning.”


Case Dismissed

“Thanks to Mr. Stephen Aslett’s professionalism and diligent work, my complicated case was dismissed. Not only does he know his job very well, his knowledge and dedication are obvious once you meet him. I am very grateful and fortunate to have had him as my attorney.”


Great Service
“My charge was driving with an invalid license. I found Stephen Aslett through my older sister. From the beginning, he assured me that he would do everything he could to provide me with the best representation he could. With his knowledge and guidance, we were able to successfully have the charges dismissed. I was also able to have my driver’s license reinstated. Thank you Stephen Aslett for your great service.”


“First, I’d like to thank Stephen for his work. I contacted Stephen about a case that was out of his county, actually many counties away. After chatting with him, I placed my trust in him to represent me and protect my freedom. He did that exceptionally well. He has always been very respectful and responsive. My case was unique—from the accusations, to the arrest, to the handling of the case by the DA’s office. After three long years of being on bond and never knowing what was around the corner, I am now free and clear of two serious felonies that could have had me in prison for many years. Stephen is upfront, upstanding, and ultimately of superior professionalism. If you are in need of someone with knowledge of the law and who knows how to conduct himself, Stephen is the attorney to call.”

A Satisfied Client

I got my case dismissed and my visa in good standing with Mr. Aslett
“I want to thank Mr. Aslett for helping me on my case. I am an international student and I was charged with a third degree felony. It was a misunderstanding and Mr. Aslett did whatever he could to get the case dismissed. He was there at every step to explain what was going on and what were the options that I had. I would highly recommend him to anybody because he is very professional and ready to help.”


“Mr. Aslett represented my son on a very serious charge where he was facing 25 years to life in prison for something that he didn’t do. I was very grateful for the way he handled the case. He was able to get it dismissed and I could not be happier with the outcome. Mr. Aslett was so nice and believed in my son. Words cannot express how happy I feel. Thank you.”

Frances M.

“Stephen and I worked together at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He was my supervisor for a time, and taught me a lot about domestic violence, DWI, intoxication manslaughter, and criminal law in general. Stephen analyzes cases from all directions, finds the weaknesses others overlook and gets results. When you choose to be represented by Stephen Aslett, you have chosen proven success.”

Kyle Watkins, Criminal Defense Attorney

Stephen Is a Miracle
“I recently had a felony charge of injury to a child, facing an offer of 5 years in prison. Prior to hiring Stephen as my lawyer, I had another lawyer who did nothing at all besides accept money and reset my court date. At the time that Stephen took my case, the grand jury had indicted it and he had to work extremely hard to make up for what my first lawyer didn’t do. Stephen is very patient and understanding. He is very knowledgeable about the law and he’s very honest and up front. I know for a fact that had I not hired Stephen I would be in prison on felony charges. Instead, Stephen got my case dismissed! I would recommend Stephen because he’s very honest, sincere, and hard working! He takes his career very seriously as well as his clients. Stephen purposely limits the amount of cases he accepts so that each case is given the full attention it needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you hire Stephen!!”


Misdemeanor Defense
“I hired Mr. Aslett for my defense on a charge that was false. He gave me an upfront charge that included everything expected and he did not return for more. He was thorough and meticulous in his preparation of me and for trial. His defense in court was great. The outcome was not guilty as he explained it was very likely to be. He is a very trustworthy person and I highly recommend him.”


A+ Attorney!!!
“Start to finish, Stephen was with me the whole way. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me in my case. I was faced with a long drawn out misdemeanor assault case, but with perseverance and patience we were able to resolve the case with a full dismissal within seven months. When I had a question Stephen was there to answer it in great detail and he always went above and beyond to defend me.

On the date of trial, Stephen was more prepared than the prosecution which ultimately led to a full dismissal of my case. I couldn’t be more proud of my attorney and his preparedness for the charges that were brought against me. I would strongly recommend Mr. Stephen Aslett to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. I hope I never have to retain Stephen’s services again, but if I’m in a position that requires it, he will be the only defense attorney I call.”


“Mr. Aslett represented me on an assault on a family member case. I was defending myself from a drunk relative who attacked me, but the police ended up arresting me anyway. I have a good job and was afraid I would lose it if I were convicted. Mr. Aslett got to work on my case right away. He was able to get the protective order against me changed so I didn’t have to move out of my house. On just my second court appearance, he was able to get my case dismissed! I chose Mr. Aslett because he is an expert on handling assault cases and it showed in the work he did for me. I strongly recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges, particularly an assault case like mine.”


The guy you need on your side
“Stephen was an excellent attorney. I was in a financial situation at the moment but Stephen worked with my situation and we worked out a payment plan which helped me tremendously. Stephen went above and beyond and did all the digging and reviewing on my case in order to dismiss it. I definitely would recommend him to anyone in need!”


Best Choice In Town
“Stephen took my case on short notice. He was very prompt and knowledgeable about all the workings of the legal system. He always called the day before an appearance and gave me a rundown and what options would be on the table and which one was most likely going to happen. It was reassuring to go in knowing what to exact and to come out with what you had planned on. I definitely recommend Mr. Aslett.”


A Good Lawyer
“I was charged with a crime I didn’t commit. Stephen did the leg work and got to the bottom of it and got me a dismissal. He visited me in jail and kept me up to speed until the end. God blessed me with him and he got my freedom back. He is a good lawyer who does his job.”


Fantastic Job
“I was treated with ultimate respect. Mr. Aslett did a fantastic job on my case and saved my life in the process. I am very thankful.”

Damian R.

I Would Highly Recommend
“This was my first experience with anything like this. Mr. Aslett contacted me and in detail explained everything that was going on with my daughter after her arrest. He was so kind, so thorough, and so patient with the questions I had. He was on top of everything and responded quickly to every silly question I asked him. He was sympathetic to my concerns as well as reassuring to my family. He got the best possible outcome we could have asked for. I appreciate so much his kindness and his attentiveness to our situation. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone going through what we had to go through. A simple thank you to him would never be enough. I hope I never have to use him or any other attorney again. But if I do he would be the one to call. He was even kind enough to call and check up on my daughter and our family to see if he could help us in any other way. I feel like I could still count on him for any questions I might have as we go through all of the after jail stuff.”


Extremely Understanding
“I was arrested with a felony charge August 2016. I could not afford an attorney for myself and Mr. Aslett was my court appointed attorney for my case. He was extremely understanding of my circumstances and situation. Because of his extensive knowledge of Texas laws and the judicial system, his compassion and determination to help those in need he fought for me and with to successfully have my charge reduced to a misdemeanor. I could not of had a better attorney to be by my side throughout this entire experience.”


A special person and fantastic attorney
“Stephen Aslett is truly a person who genuinely cares about his clientele. I recently was a client of Stephen’s, and was very impressed with his attentiveness, depth of knowledge, and compassion during tremendously difficult times. Stephen’s advice was always thorough and provided me with a great deal of comfort in a very insecure and unsure time. Additionally, after I was no longer a client of his, he was willing to speak with me briefly about another situation, and when the situation called for it, even recommended not obtaining his service. Stephen is a great person and a fantastic lawyer, and I highly recommend him as a lawyer and friend.”

A Satisfied Client

Great Experience
“Our experience with Mr. Aslett was amazing! He was very honest, knowledgeable, and caring of our situation! Even after our ordeal was over he called to check on our well being. During our ordeal he worked diligently fighting for us working with investigators and the D.A. I prayed that we would fall into good hands, and with Steve we absolutely were in good hands! We will be forever grateful for everything he did to help us!! We would recommend him to anyone!!”


Forgery charge
“I absolutely adore and respect Mr. Aslett. In less than two months of being my attorney he got me probation even after the judge said I wasn’t eligible. He’s also working to get a prior conviction overturned because of an illegal sentence. He’s fair, kind, patient, affordable, and went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely use him again for any future legal services. Thank you, Mr. Aslett.”

Dichelle K.

Sober Court Dismissed
“Stephen was amazing and prompt. I am on probation for DWI. I was sentenced to Sober Court after failing a breath test. I called Mr. Aslett and explained the situation to him. Immediately, he went into consultation mode and started making phone calls and researching information. Even though I had only two days before court, he did not waste time. To summarize, I am happy with the outcome: I do not have to attend Sober Court. If you want a reliable, prompt, and knowledgeable attorney, then Mr. Stephen Aslett is your person.”

A Satisfied Client

Great Representation, Fast, and Thorough
“Stephen Aslett was hired to research a criminal case I was party to in 1980 where I had been given probation. After the conditions of the probation were fulfilled, I was granted an Early Termination Order of the Court Dismissing the Cause. However, in 2017, it was brought to my attention that this case was in the national NCIC criminal database indicating that I had a final felony conviction. Mr. Aslett drafted a letter for me to present to federal, state, and local authorities and future employers to explain that this data was incorrect and that I had no conviction.”


A lawyer that listens to you
“For months, I looked for a lawyer that would listen to me and Mr. Aslett did that. He got the results I wanted.”

Mike V.

A very thorough and most reliable lawyer
“I am glad I spoke with you today. You made me feel secure. You explained all possible options. I would blindly recommend you to anyone seeking help.”

Jay N.

“Stephen Aslett is an extremely intelligent attorney. I had the privilege of supervising him as an Assistant District Attorney before we both began our defense practices. Stephen’s intelligence and instincts translate into effective results for his clients. I recommend Stephen Aslett to anyone seeking excellent criminal defense.”

Nathaniel Pitoniak, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Stephen and I battled it out in a tough trial when he was a prosecutor. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the law. He is a great trial lawyer and is someone I would trust if he represented me. I endorse Stephen as a great criminal defense attorney.”

Neal Davis, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I met Stephen when he was a prosecutor. He possessed all of the traits that you would hope a prosecutor would have. He was honest, fair, reasonable and hard working to name a few. I am sad he left the DA’s office because I enjoyed working with him. There is no doubt in my mind that he will make an outstanding defense attorney.”

Rand Mintzer, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Stephen is a smart and capable defense lawyer who is an asset to the defense bar. Moreover, he is an asset to any citizen accused smart enough to hire him.”

Richard Oliver, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have watched Stephen in court as a lawyer for many years and he is always well prepared and is an excellent speaker. He’s excellent in trial and has a very good reputation in the criminal court house. He is totally honest and forthcoming which is very important in picking a lawyer.”

Allen Tanner, Criminal Defense Attorney

“As an Assistant D.A., Stephen was always the type of attorney that was fair, while doing his job with confidence and skill. Stephen will be a fantastic defense attorney, both because of his ability and experience in the courtroom and knowledge of the law. I highly recommend Stephen to anyone who reads this and is looking to hire him as their attorney.”

Lisa Shapiro, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Stephen was one of the most knowledgeable and prepared prosecutors at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He has great relationships with all the prosecutors. They trust him and trust his judgment. Stephen and I helped me in representing a husband accused of assaulting his pregnant wife. With Stephen as co-counsel, we got a NOT GUILTY verdict in less than 1 hour. I definitely endorse Stephen as a criminal defense attorney.”

Jason Luong, Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Aslett was awesome. He always answered me back within 24 hours when I called him. Very nice and willing to help you to the fullest extent. He was professional, accurate, and focused. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, and I was very pleased with the results.