I Would Highly Recommend
“This was my first experience with anything like this. Mr. Aslett contacted me and in detail explained everything that was going on with my daughter after her arrest. He was so kind, so thorough, and so patient with the questions I had. He was on top of everything and responded quickly to every silly question I asked him. He was sympathetic to my concerns as well as reassuring to my family. He got the best possible outcome we could have asked for. I appreciate so much his kindness and his attentiveness to our situation. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone going through what we had to go through. A simple thank you to him would never be enough. I hope I never have to use him or any other attorney again. But if I do he would be the one to call. He was even kind enough to call and check up on my daughter and our family to see if he could help us in any other way. I feel like I could still count on him for any questions I might have as we go through all of the after jail stuff.”

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