Can I Appeal a Case Where I Pled Guilty?


You can appeal a case where you pled guilty, but the grounds for that are narrow. Your lawyer is going to have to prove that your guilty plea was not knowing or voluntary. Your lawyer can do that by arguing that you were drunk or high or not taking your psychiatric medication when you pled guilty and so you didn’t know what was going on. (This is very difficult to prove, so these claims are not often raised).

More commonly, your lawyer can argue that the lawyer who advised you to plead guilty did not inform you of certain consequences of pleading guilty that he should have and, had you known about those, you would not have pled guilty. Your lawyer may also be able to argue that your lawyer was so ineffective in investigating your case, had your lawyer done a competent job he would have uncovered helpful evidence that, had you known about it, you would not have pled guilty.

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