What Is The Best Advice You Can Give To Someone Who Has Been Arrested?

Follow your bond conditions, keep going to work, and be on your absolute best behavior while your case is pending.

What do I mean by being on your best behavior? If you smoke weed recreationally, stop it. If you are a social drinker and have a few beers on the weekend or a glass of wine with dinner, stop drinking entirely. Most judges will order you not to drink alcohol while on bond, so why risk getting your bond revoked over a couple of beers?

Don’t put yourself into any situation where you could potentially get in trouble, even accidentally. If your friends want to go up to a bar or a strip club or go gambling out of state, don’t. If you have friends who do drugs, don’t travel or hang out with them while your case is pending. The last thing you want is to be pulled over while riding in a friend’s car and be charged with their drugs while you’re on bond.

While it’s going on, your criminal case is the most important thing you’ll have going on in your life. Don’t risk having your bond revoked or, God forbid, being charged with a new crime while your case is pending. Until your case is over with, you absolutely need to be on your best behavior.

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