Can I Get Probation or Deferred Adjudication in a Theft, Robbery, or Burglary Case?

Yes. You can get probation or deferred adjudication in theft, robbery, and burglary cases. Whether you’re actually going to be eligible for them or be offered them is another matter entirely. In general, the less criminal history you have and the less serious the charge, the more likely you’ll be eligible for and be offered probation or deferred adjudication.

Burglary and aggravated robbery cases are by far the most difficult types of cases in which to get deferred adjudication. That’s because the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has a policy of generally not offering deferred adjudication in those types of cases. To get deferred adjudication in a burglary or aggravated robbery case, you generally have to ask the judge for it, and that can be difficult depending on the judge.

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