How Do I Find Out Where A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

The easiest way is to call the police department that arrested your friend or family member. Don’t call 911; call the actual police department you believe made the arrest. If the police department doesn’t have that information or won’t give it to you, then check the Harris County Jail’s website or the Houston city jail website to see if they’ve been booked into either one of those facilities.

This won’t always work. If your friend or family member is being held in another agency’s jail awaiting transport to the Harris County Jail, they won’t be on any website. And the Harris County Jail’s website isn’t updated every second. So there will be some delay between the time someone’s booked into the Harris County Jail and when they appear on the website.

Try to be patient. Don’t freak out if you know your loved one has been arrested but you haven’t heard from them in 24 hours. A lot of things go on behind the scenes after an arrest. Your loved one isn’t going to get lost in the system. They will eventually be able to call you from the jail.

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