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A Satisfied Client

Worth Every Penny After extensively searching for a good lawyer, I hired Mr. Aslett to represent me in an aggravated assault on a family member case. He was worth every penny. He went to court. He made sure we had a solid case. He presented a grand jury packet and my case was dismissed. If you’re looking for one of the best lawyers in Houston, he’s definitely it.

A Satisfied Client

A Lawyer Worth Hiring Stephen is a no nonsense lawyer. He is very professional and makes you feel like an equal. He never speaks over you and explains things in a common sense way. He is a very good lawyer with excellent communication skills.

A highly satisfied client, B.M.

Brilliant and experienced attorney I hired Mr. Aslett in April 2021 after I was falsely accused and arrested for assault on a family member by impeding breathing, a third degree felony. I knew immediately after the consultation that Mr. Aslett was the best attorney to represent me. Mr. Aslett thoroughly researched all of the evidence and took the time to interview key witnesses and family members to prove that my soon to be ex-wife was a pathological liar. He was a calming and confident presence during this scary and difficult time. It took three months from consultation to a no… Read More →


Best Criminal Defense Attorney Mr. Aslett is one of the best. He communicates constantly with you. He has a great knowledge of both sides of the courtroom. When he says he is going to do something, you can rest assured it will be done promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend him if you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney.

A Satisfied Client

Did Everything He Promised My case was not a complicated one. It lasted six months from when it started to when it was finally expunged. From the day I decided to hire him to the last day of my case, Mr. Aslett showed his professionalism. He did everything he promised to do and updated me during the whole process. He is a great lawyer that his clients can trust.

A Satisfied Client

Top-Notch Defense Attorney I recently hired Stephen to defend me in a felony weapons case. He got the case dismissed at the first stage—which was a tremendous relief to me! Stephen was well-prepared, demonstrated knowledge of the law, the process, and he did all the work for me. It was clear to me that Stephen is very familiar with the courts in Houston and knows the judges, DAs, and how things work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney for a criminal case.  


Excellent Result I reached out to several lawyers for my case. Stephen was the only one who contacted me in my dire need. He made a commitment to help me and speak the truth on my behalf when I was falsely accused. He did just that and never wavered. He has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to his clients. I speak from first hand experience. I’m grateful for Stephen’s counsel and impeccable skills. Thank you, Stephen.

A Satisfied Client

Amazing Lawyer I was a client of Mr. Aslett. He did an amazing job at keeping me informed of my case status. I appreciated him always calling me back and answering all my questions. He was always on time for meetings. He was patient and kind. Thank you for getting my life back after 8 years of being in bondage with this case. Thank you for helping me when no other lawyer would.


Great Attorney Stephen was a great choice as our attorney. He took the time to explain every aspect of the case including all implications of different outcomes. I really felt that he was with you every step of the way. He was very accessible via email or phone. I got the outcome that I had hoped for. Would highly recommend him.

A Satisfied Client

Excellent Attorney I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am that you were the one who handled my case. Although I knew it was a long shot, you worked hard and were able to get my case dismissed. You were very efficient and thorough throughout the whole process. You were very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Stephen Aslett. He is an attorney you can believe in and trust. Your knowledge and expertise is very much appreciated. Thank you.