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Damian R.

Fantastic Job “I was treated with ultimate respect. Mr. Aslett did a fantastic job on my case and saved my life in the process. I am very thankful.”


“This was my first experience with anything like this. Mr. Aslett contacted me and in detail explained everything that was going on with my daughter after her arrest. He was so kind, so thorough, and so patient with the questions…”


Extremely Understanding “I was arrested with a felony charge August 2016. I could not afford an attorney for myself and Mr. Aslett was my court appointed attorney for my case. He was extremely understanding of my circumstances and situation. Because of his extensive knowledge of Texas laws and the judicial system, his compassion and determination to help those in need he fought for me and with to successfully have my charge reduced to a misdemeanor. I could not of had a better attorney to be by my side throughout this entire experience.”

A Satisfied Client

“Stephen Aslett is truly a person who genuinely cares about his clientele. I recently was a client of Stephen’s, and was very impressed with his attentiveness, depth of knowledge, and compassion during tremendously difficult times…”


“Our experience with Mr. Aslett was amazing! He was very honest, knowledgeable, and caring of our situation! Even after our ordeal was over he called to check on our well being. During our ordeal he worked diligently fighting for us working with…”

Dichelle K.

Forgery charge “I absolutely adore and respect Mr. Aslett. In less than two months of being my attorney he got me probation even after the judge said I wasn’t eligible. He’s also working to get a prior conviction overturned because of an illegal sentence. He’s fair, kind, patient, affordable, and went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely use him again for any future legal services. Thank you, Mr. Aslett.”

A Satisfied Client

Sober Court Dismissed “Stephen was amazing and prompt. I am on probation for DWI. I was sentenced to Sober Court after failing a breath test. I called Mr. Aslett and explained the situation to him. Immediately, he went into consultation mode and started making phone calls and researching information. Even though I had only two days before court, he did not waste time. To summarize, I am happy with the outcome: I do not have to attend Sober Court. If you want a reliable, prompt, and knowledgeable attorney, then Mr. Stephen Aslett is your person.”


Great Representation, Fast, and Thorough “Stephen Aslett was hired to research a criminal case I was party to in 1980 where I had been given probation. After the conditions of the probation were fulfilled, I was granted an Early Termination Order of the Court Dismissing the Cause. However, in 2017, it was brought to my attention that this case was in the national NCIC criminal database indicating that I had a final felony conviction. Mr. Aslett drafted a letter for me to present to federal, state, and local authorities and future employers to explain that this data was incorrect and… Read More →

Mike V.

A lawyer that listens to you “For months, I looked for a lawyer that would listen to me and Mr. Aslett did that. He got the results I wanted.”

Jay N.

A very thorough and most reliable lawyer “I am glad I spoke with you today. You made me feel secure. You explained all possible options. I would blindly recommend you to anyone seeking help.”