Great Commitment

Stephen helped me with a fraudulent charge for domestic violence. He was extremely helpful and diligent throughout the process. It began with a lengthy meeting to gather the pertinent information—which took place over three hours on a Sunday afternoon. From there, Stephen worked hard to get information from the state. Stephen’s background in the Harris County D.A.’s Office means that he understands both sides of the case—defense and prosecution—very well. He contacted the prosecution multiple times throughout my ordeal. The Harris County D.A.’s Office does not work very efficiently; therefore it required dogged persistence to get any meaningful response. Unfortunately, the prosecutor on my case changed five times, which added quite a bit of delay.

Ultimately, Stephen was able to discuss the case with the lead prosecutor and successfully convinced him to dismiss the charges. Stephen is very detail oriented, shows great commitment, and does very well to maintain a good level of communication (including making himself available for phone calls). I highly recommend him as a defense attorney.

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