Excellent Job

I was convicted of assault on a family member for allegedly assaulting my roommate. I had never been convicted of a crime before and had many doors closed to me because of my criminal record. I also had to deal with the psychological burden of being defined by that case as a criminal. After my conviction, I consulted eight attorneys and all of them told me not to waste my time or money as I could do nothing about my conviction.

I was fortunate enough to call Mr. Aslett. In the first hour of talking to him, I realized he was exceptional. He listened to me, took notes, discussed my options, and followed up with me. He took my case for a reasonable price, which ended up being little compared to what I eventually received in return. He filed a writ of habeas corpus and was able to get my conviction overturned and dismissed. Doors have opened to me again. I was able to start pharmacy school and will be able to get a job after graduation because of what Mr. Aslett has done for me. Thank you, Mr. Aslett, for a wonderful job and giving me back my life.

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